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Phillip C Roullard July 2019 Photographer of the Month

A Photographer's reception will be held July 10th, 2019 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Nelson Photo Store

Phillip C. Roullard has been a professional photographer since graduating from Brooks Institute in 1993, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography.  His previous occupation, before becoming a photographer, was working for national, state and county parks.

Phil has taught photo clinics and led workshops for A-16, a San Diego outdoor recreation store, UCSD, The Water Conservation Garden, Mission Trails Regional Park and the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Phil's photographs have been used extensively in exhibits, publications and websites for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Tijuana Estuary National Estuarine Research Reserve.His photographs have appeared in National Audubon Field Guides, National Geographic books, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick and My Big Back Yard, Canadian Garden and American Home and Gardening,San Diego Zoonooz and BBC Wildlife .  Several of his photographs and videos have been used in the exhibit Coast to Cactus at the San Diego Natural History Museum.   Phil enjoys volunteering at the San Diego Natural History Museum producing photographs in the stacking lab in the entomology department and imaging plants in the Botany Department.  When not volunteering, Phil likes to travel and produce multi-media presentations about his travels, goes hiking, snorkeling and cross country skiing and of course taking photographs all the time!  

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