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Cintia Soto-January Photographer of the Month

Photographer's Reception Sunday, January 19th 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Living for almost 10 years in Italy I got very inspired by art in all aspects.   When making the decision to do this journey it was my desire to not live with any more regrets than what I have that pushed me forward. And so I follow my heart...  I am a passionate of the world and their cultures, I love to travel and tell a story with words and images. I see the world in light, shapes and colors, my memories are visual and always there is a Canon camera close by.  Being in different cities with different languages and cultures make me feel that I need to learn every single day and be part of them. Travel is always makes me feel the freedom. To see dark storm clouds open to a spray of light that bounces off of wet capture the world, exactly as it is at any given moment and document history, those are my passions. And when I back home I always like to cook the recipes I learned. That’s why I start to photograph food. I started a blog back to 2010 and in 2015 I was collaborating with Expo Milan 2015 the biggest Expo about Food in the world, I started to photograph not just only food I cook, I started food of the world,food from my community and food from celebrity chefs.  My photography has been published at Travel & Leisure- USA and UK Food and Travel Destinations NY Times, Vogue Mexico, Cosmopolitan Italy,  Business Class Italy,  Southwest Airlines Magazine, Conde Nest Traveller, UK Mail, UK Mexico Desconocido Magazine, ARTU Magazine - Italy.  In 2014 I did a book photographing 28 Woman Chefs from Baja California Mexico- The book “MEXICANAS”.
 Actually I do food styling workshops in different cities, and food and wine tours to Italy and photography tours to India.  

Life is precious and fleeting and I live mine to the fullest. One can not be sad if they are determined to be happy.

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