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Lauralee Humes May 2019

Lauralee was introduced to the basics of photography through an adult recreation class when she was 68. It was the spark that ignited her passion to pursue images inspired by her faith, imagination and the beauty in nature. She mastered her camera and learned to develop photographs in the digital darkroom. Lauralee’s determination that “You are never too old to try”has kept her on the go.
She travels with her husband in their Jeep to the mountains, deserts and coast, ever hopeful of capturing the wonder of a starry night, the beauty of a flower or the serenity of a landscape. Lauralee finds great joy in the friendships photography has blessed her with, and loves to share the stories that give voice to her images. In 2010, she entered the juried San Diego County Fair International Exhibition of Photography and received a Blue Ribbon for her still life. In 2019, Lauralee celebrated 10 years of acceptance in the fair exhibition with numerous awards to her credit.Other honors include Sponsor awards, SCAA Public Choice Award, SDFAR contributor, Gumpshun Junction Gallery, CO featured photographer and Nelson Photo Photographer of the Month.
Lauralee is especially grateful for the invitations she has received to share her photographs and narratives. Her work is enjoyed in homes and businesses across the country and Hawaii. 
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