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We offer sensor cleaning of your DSLR here in our store. Our staff is trained to clean most any digital sensor. We use the best cleaning solutions and swabs.

Call ahead if possible and make an appointment. Bring your camera to our store and we will inspect the sensor with our lighted sensor scope. This will determine if your sensor needs cleaning. Be sure to charge your battery to a full charge. Typically we can clean the sensor in an hour.

Most digital cameras need the sensor clean about once a year. Some need the sensor cleaned more frequently or when there is a particular “spot” or “spots” on each image you take. Changing lenses is the most common cause of “spots” on a sensor. Using a hand air rocket can clean most dust off the sensor. But when the spots are still visible, then having the sensor cleaned with a cleaning solution is recommended.

Sensor cleanings are $50

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Sensor Cleaning Services

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